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BGI Solutions helps companies and Government departments across Australia to improve productivity by developing collaborative, cost-effective and scalable system integration solutions. 

Counting decades of experience delivering full-stack  custom application development with agile implementation at very competitive prices, we secure our clients the highest return on investment for every project. 


We also master up-to-date technologies for SharePoint, Project Server and other products to provide our clients a robust, seamless integration with non-Microsoft software platforms like SAP, Oracle, TechnologyOne, Business Objects and ESB.  With this knowledge, we help companies across all industries improve efficiency, ensuring that project managers and team leaders can work with the best tool for their job. 

Proudly based in Adelaide, we are part of the Bear Entrepreneurial Group Pty Ltd.



Has 20+ years of experience in the IT industry working for nationwide companies. Founder of the Bear Entrepreneurial Group since 2013, he leads an agile and highly skilled team of IT professionals driven to consistently deliver solutions to meet business needs.

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